Aurender anses av många vara den ledande tillverkaren av utrustning för uppspelning av digitalt lagrad och strömmad musik.

Hanteringen av ditt musikbibliotek görs via Apples iPad, där ett mycket intuitivt och attraktivt gränssnitt gör handhavandet både enkelt och underhållande.

Aurender erbjuder dels renodlade streamers (N100) för anslutning till en NAS på ditt hemmanätverk, alternativt för uppspelning av musik i motsvarande CD-kvalitet eller högupplöst via Qobuz och Tidal.   
Modellerna N150, N10 och W20 har optimerats för lagring och uppspelning ifrån intern hårddisk (upp till 12TB) men har även stöd för streaming.

Du hittar mer information om de olika modellerna här


Since its launch in 2013, the Aurender W20 has occupied the enviable position of “the music server others are judged against”. Revised and refined in 2019, the new W20SE (Special Edition) raises the again in both user experience and absolute audio performance. W20SE is the music server of choice for the finest audio systems in the world. Designed to be used with high-performance digital-to-analog converters, the Aurender W20SE is one of the few music servers to provide support for external word clocks used in professional audio and recording studios. Additionally, a dual-wire mode AES/EBU used by some reference grade digital-to-analog converters to allow separate transmission of left and right channels for better fidelity. However, even without using an external word clock input or dual AES/EBU outputs, W20SE’s battery power supply provides a dramatically lower noise floor for a totally silent background. With a 4TB internal SSD and a 1TB SSD caching drive for playback, the W20SE is the ideal solution for even the most extensive high-resolution music collections.

 W20SE is shipped with MQA Core Decoder.

The flagship Aurender W20 Reference Music Server is the world's first audiophile music server with external master clock input and dual-wire digital output mode. The W20 is fully compatible for playback of DSD64 and DSD128 audio files through its very "clean" USB Audio Class 2.0 output.

Word clocks are frequently used in recording studios to synchronize audio equipment and thereby minimizing jitter. This will significantly improve the excellent sound quality, delivered by the Aurender W20.

Furthermore, OCXO oscillators, which are vastly more accurate and stable than standard crystal oscillators used in computers and most audio boards, combined with a FPGA-based Phase-Locked-Loop system, will bring down jitter to a virtually non-measurable level. 

Dual-Wire Mode is used by many of the world's leading D/A converter manufacturers to transmit the left and right channels of digital audio separately at sampling rates above 88.2 kHz in order to obtain superior audio quality.

The Aurender W20 completely eliminates jitter caused by AC power by using LFP (LiFePO4) batteries to supply power to audio components.

Two internal hard drives provide up to 12 TB of storage, which is enough to hold almost 30,000 CD albums in uncompressed high-resolution format. The Aurender W20 is factory fitted with one 256 Gb Solid State Drive (SSD) for system's operating software and for cashing song for before playback.

The Aurender W20 comes with a full range of SPDIF digital audio outputs:

1 x BNC
1 x Coaxial (RCA)
1 x Optical
1 x Dedicated asynchronous USB 2.0

For digital audio input, i.e. for storage of music on the Aurender W20, two USB 2.0 ports are provided. For connection to computer networks, a LAN port is provided on the rear panel.